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Thread forming process

The advantages of friction drilling are consistently continued in thread forming. The chipless manufacture of bushings causes a strain hardening of the material that must be machined. In addition to that, the cold rolled-thread strengthens the fiber direction.You can use any conventional thread-cutting machine for thread forming. However, it should be noticed that you are working with a higher spin speed (3 to 10 times of the process speed). By thread forming it is possible to work with a hand drill. In this case you should need a clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation and plenty of power.

Step 1: thread forming

The thread former pushes bushing material in the thread flanks and caused and causes a compaction of the microstructure by a chipless cold. This results in a very high thread strength and an exact thread guidance.





Step 2: Result

A high-strength bond is formed in the continuous material fiber process and the cold rolling of thread. There is no danger of blending because of the exact thread guidance.